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Jan 18, 2022
Members, as Fleet captain I'm tasked with looking into getting the Boat ramp repaired. I have talked with Tom Price regarding his recommendations and plans he drew up years ago. His biggest asks was to remove the "dog leg" in it, fix the pot holes, and level off the erosion around the ramp below the water line. (i.e. put an apron of rock around the ramp). I personally have not used this ramp and I wanted to get input from those who do. This way I can cater to the needs of the membership. I have been able to meet with one contractor regarding these three issues and the quote totals $12K. My question is what are the biggest issues you need addressed on the boat ramp? Pot holes, "dog leg", apron, or other? Thank you Jason Wakeman FYI finding a contractor in the winter to do boat ramp repair is not easy.


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