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Jan 12, 2022
I applaud the 2022 board's efforts to get off to a strong start by identifying and working up project estimates that will be presented to the membership before this year's budget is approved. One item of concern is the need for a special assessment. Many other projects have been accomplished since 2010 without using this this type of mechanism to assess our members when revenues fell short of ambitions. They simply operated within their means. For instance, the current mooring field was installed ( 2011) over a 3 year period at a total cost in excess of $75,000. Just a few years later, a completely new electrical system was installed on the pier - at a cost of $40,000 (over 2 years) with a portion of the funding borrowed from the reserve fund (2015). The reserve fund was tapped in to due to the urgent nature of the project brought about by the AA Co Fire Marshall and the unsafe power shut off feed from the clubhouse breaker box. The projects contemplated for 2022, while important enhancements for the club, do not constitute an emergency. New bathrooms were totally remodeled before my joining PSA, as well as the kitchen remodel. A new roof was installed on the clubhouse, with new flooring as well. More recently, the parking lot was expanded and regraded, new gravel added too. Not one board decided to levy a special assessment over this 15 year time period. There are and always will be more projects to do than funds available - as is the nature of our aging infrastructure. The request to fund this project ( and others being proposed a new boat ramp, and several new floating docks, a new Flying Scot mast, runabout boat / trailer, etc) is not unusual, but more importantly, highlights the simple fact that the recurring expenses of the club (insurance, taxes, utilities and other fixed overhead) have been creeping up year after year with little or no increases in member dues or boat mooring/ slip fees. These increases continue to whittle away at the funds available to each board for repair and improvement projects. Ambitious project funding from one board, while to be applauded, often leaves successor boards starting out with a deficit. In addition, only senior and family members receive a special assessment bill, with life members, non-resident, junior members being exempt. In order to avoid future budget crunches our boards face to accomplish ever-important infrastructure repairs/ replacement, I suggest increasing our dues and slip/mooring fees using a simple process. For example, annual dues could be increased by $50 to $450.00. This will generate a little over $4000 in revenues. The slip/ mooring/ floating dock rates could be increased so that the slip holder rate increases by $1.00 / ft and mooring / dry storage increases by $.50 / ft. This will generate another $1300 annually. This suggestion resolves the current budget issue and provides future boards with adequate discretionary funds to get in front of the long list of projects that await. These projects while very important, do not constitute emergencies and should be more thoughtfully scheduled with others in PSA's long range planning and budgeting. Respectfully, John Aellen


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