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Oct 04, 2021
In speaking with Andy and with helping him on 2 repairs, he has tended to and maintained the system for years. Lately, the last 3 problems were member use related--damaging / breaking the nozzle, crushing the hose between a boat and the dock, coiling & returning the hose improperly to its place, dropping / sinking the nozzle into the muddy bottom and sucking sand and debris into the system. Along the way and over the past years, Andy replaced a part for about $1K and another part for about $600. At the moment, he thinks that the timer circuit board has failed--this timer automatically shuts off the system when not in use for some period of time. Possibly, this circuit board failed when it was turned on and then off in rapid succession which damaged the timer circuit--maybe, who knows. Andy is hunting for the timer circuit board and thinks (preliminary guess) that the board would be $100-$150--he and Walter are on the job. At any time, the motor could fail or could last another 10 years. The motor is expensive. Andy has serviced and lubricated the 'rollers', that squeeze the hose intermittently to create suction, to reduce friction and wear. Jim Palmer is working on the fernco connection. A completely new system would work more efficiently / faster but could cost something in the neighborhood of $10K--rough estimate. Yes, we have money in the reserve fund for this kind of replacement but the reserve fund is required to be paid back either with normal cash flow or by a special assessment to members. I trust Andy to keep his trained eye on this system. When he 'gives up the ghost' and feels that we can go no farther, he will certainly let us know--hopefully ahead of a catastrophic collapse. Or, we can decide to act preemptively. A worthy discussion...
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