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Dates in 2024 for PSA's two CBYRA Sanctioned Races are:

MOONLIGHT  RACE  •  Saturday June 8th
    Moonlight Race Entries and Registration links

RACE TO ROCK HALL •  Saturday October 5th


                              Y?  ....well, yes, why not?     


     Prior to the Moonlight Race, someone whose opinion we really respect suggested we use CBYRA Mark "Y" for a mark on the course. 

     As we thought about it, that made a lot of sense.  It's in relatively shallow water which is nice for current relief.  It's located between the eastern and western shipping lanes, which keeps racers away from large, metal, limited maneuverability vessels.  And it gives a range of options for shortening the course.  So we plugged it into the Course for Moonlight. 

     Once we posted the Course on the RC boat, we were surprised when a significant portion of the fleet hailed us on VHF to ask where "Y" was!  

     Our answer was "it's in the Green Book."  Some got back to us and asked where in the Green Book?   We said read the CBYRA GSI, which PSA uses in both our NOR and SI., to wit:  "One (1) fixed mark course using marks listed in the 2023 CBYRA GSI as Region 2, Chesapeake Bay Area Standard Racing Marks."

     Someone once said, "if you want to keep a deep, dark secret from the rest of the world, just publish it in the SI."

For 2024, we'll publish a Notice to Competitors with a heads-up on "Y," including this information, below.  Or, you can always pull up your CBYRA 2024 .pdf file and have a look for yourself! 




Thanks for participating in our MOONLIGHT RACE.  We had 21 boats register and 18 made it to the starting line.  We had great breeze all night and got everyone over the  finish line before 10 pm. 

            Results can be found here:



Questions?  email me at:

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