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PSA Small Boat Racing

Thursday evenings, all through spring, summer and into fall.

Calm Sea

NEWS FLASHLast week we had four Flying Scots out (the 5th is in the repair shop).  As always, we'll be on the dock at 530pm and sailing by 6pm. Remember to check your email for weather updates!

Bring out your dinghy!

PSA has built  a fleet of Flying Scots, a 19 foot daysailor that's easy to rig and sail.   But we are not confining the competition to these popular boats.  We'll see the occasional Albacore, Whaler Harpoon 4.6  and even an i550 sportboat out with us on Thursday evenings.


No matter if you are a PSA member, if you have a dinghy and want to do some very casual racing feel free to join us! 


Contact us at : for more info and also to let us know you'll be out there. 


We've obtained a new safety boat,  which serves nicely as a Signal Boat and comes in handy as a tow boat when the breeze disappears.

We want to keep this fun and casual!  Please race "politely" and abide by the RRS.  

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