For All Applications: Please use the form for the membership type you are applying for (see below).  Your completed application package should include the application form, your sailing BIO,  2 letters of member sponsorship, and a $25 application fee. Please give your application package to a sponsor so they can drive the process on your behalf. Once the application is received by the Board of Governors there is a minimum 4 month waiting period before your vote can be put before the membership, dependent on membership openings. There is also a requirement that you attend at least 2 Stockholder Meetings with your sponsors. Attendance at work parties and social activities is strongly encouraged. Please reference the calendar on this site for dates of meetings, work days and social activities.

New members are required to pay a one time initiation fee of $1000 (under age 40 there is no fee), plus $400 for Annual Dues and Assessments. Mooring Fees are dependent on boat size and availability.


If you don't yet have sponsors, click here to tell us a little about yourself and your interest in becoming a member.


PSA was founded as a special place for sailors to gather and enjoy the sport that brings us together. We have thrived as a “Self Help Club” through the hard work and many talents of our members. There is an expectation that new members will help continue this tradition as they are brought into our PSA family of sailors.



Application Forms