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Historical Timeline  Submitted by Leah and  Teddy Alfriend


                                   Work mostly done by the Members

October 10, 1938 - Thirteen men voted to start PSA.

PSA’s first clubhouse was at the Rogers-Townsend Boatyard at Wall Cove in Rock 

Creek. They rented a two story farm house and repaired the walls and floors. Two 

boatyard employees lived upstairs.


November 14, 1938 - PSA’s first meeting was at the Abbey hotel in Baltimore. Dinner 

including one drink was $1.00. Dues that year were $8.00.


By September 1939 - There were 24 boats and 44 members.


June 1939 - PSA had the first Overnight Race ( now called the Moonlight Race )


May 19, 1940 - The Delta class was formed.


1946 to 1947 - Three properties were looked at for a new club property, and 

Blackhole Creek was decided on. The PSA deed was signed on April 10, 1947.

PSA’s land tract was originally called “Piney Plains”.


April 10, 1947 - PSA purchased the property from Theodore & Eloise Schluederberg.


February 28, 1947 - PSA decided to incorporate.


April 10, 1947 - PSA had their first stock holder meeting at the University Club in 



Spring 1947 - There was already a short single pier in the present location of the main 

pier. Only smaller boats could put their bows to the dock to load up. There were no 

slips or tie off pilings.


1948 & 1949 - The channel into Black hole Creek was dredged twice.


April 14, 1949 - The Army Corps of Engineers gave permission for an anchorage in 

the harbor.


1948 to 1949 - Driveway to the middle parking lot was made.


1950 - Kenneth Miller ( a PSA member ) designed a cinder block building which was 

built as PSA’s new clubhouse. Also the old oar house that was already there was 



1953 – The lower lawn which was a swamp area was filled in. A short boat ramp was also 



1955 – A short dinghy dock was built.


1960 - The gin pole was installed and also the flag pole.


1962 - A porch was added to the clubhouse and the clubhouse expanded.


1963 - Driveways and parking facilities were expanded.


1965 - A 100’ pier extension with 56’ T end was added to the main pier.


1966 - The well was expanded in size.


1980 - A brick patio was added off the kitchen and porch area.


1991 - A cinder block retaining wall between the main pier and the dinghy dock was built 

and white rocks on the bank.


1991 - A new main pier was constructed by Cyr’s Marine Construction. The 

electric and plumbing to the docks was also upgraded. That is a continuous job.


1993 - The boat ramp was expanded.


1994 - The first female members were voted into the club.


1994 - The turning circle and lower parking area was expanded and the wood retaining 

wall installed.


1995 - The kitchen was redesigned with new counters, floor, windows, lights, etc.


1997 - The pump out was installed.


1997 - Family Membership was voted in.


2006 - New windows in the main part of the clubhouse were installed.


2010 - The men’s room was remodeled, and new ceiling fans, gas grill, and hot water 

heater purchased.


2011 - PSA elected their first female Commodore.


2011 - The women’s room was remodeled. A new kitchen stove and microwave were 



2012 to 2014 - Upgrade to the mooring field to Pyramid style anchors.


2015 to 2016 – New electric to the main pier


2015 – New outer channel markers


2016 to 2017 - Repairs and new paint and stays on Gin Pole


2017 - New floor in Clubhouse and new roof


2017 - New rub railings on Pier


2018 - Continual replacement of boards on piers


2018 - New clubhouse deck extension and railing


2018 - Middle parking lot widened and new bulkhead and gravel







































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