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Senior Membership:   Senior Membership consists of persons who own or have a determinable interest in the ownership of a sailing craft of fourteen feet or more in overall length, and persons who may not own or have a determinable interest in the ownership of a sailing craft, but who are genuinely interested in sailing. Each Senior member shall be required to own one share of stock in the Corporation and shall have one vote.


Family Membership:   Senior Membership shall also include couples who are husband and wife, one or both of whom are Senior Members, and who jointly elect, at their option, to become Senior Members as a husband and wife unit (hereinafter referred to as "Family Membership"). At the time of said election, and in the event of a future divorce, the spouses shall designate one of them as the sole successor to all of the rights and privileges provided by the Family Membership (successor Spouse). A Family Membership shall have one vote per family and shall own one share of stock.


Jr Membership:  Junior Membership, which shall consist of young sailors between the ages of sixteen and twenty-seven, including children of Senior members and others who use club facilities and otherwise meet the membership requirements of the Corporation. Upon reaching the age of at least twenty-one, a Junior member in good standing may apply for Senior Membership and if accepted by the stockholders, as provided in Section 5 of PSA Bylaws, shall immediately assume Senior Membership status upon purchase of the required share of stock, without regard for any waiting list that may be in effect at the time of application.   A  Junior Member in good standing for not less than three years shall be excluded from paying the current initiation fee upon election to Senior membership. You must apply  for Sr Membership at least 3 years before your 27th birthday  to qualify  for the initiation fee exclusion. No Junior member shall be permitted to own stock in the Corporation and does not have the privledge of voting.




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