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Jan 11, 2022
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Hi members, I recently purchased my first boat (an International Folkboat) out here in British Columbia. Dock space is near impossible to find these days and while I am on a couple of waiting lists, I'd like to bring the boat down from its current location (4hr drive and 2 ferry rides!). I am therefore looking at dropping a mooring here in a quiet bay that is protected from our stormy weather. There are many people here who will just drop a large piece of concrete as a mooring but I have found a company who places proper pyramid anchors. I am not sure what the best weight would be for my situation. I looked at what we have at PSA and most of the anchors are 500lb. Due to supply issues the heaviest anchor that the supplier has is 250lbs. I could have two 250lb anchors dropped with a bridal in between them. However, the company seems to think that one anchor is sufficient. Curious if any of you have any thoughts or input. I have attached the drawing and details I was sent in the quote. Thank you!!
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